Corporate Structure


The company has a technical design studio fitted with high-tech computer systems, allowing the company to produce even bespoke products that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.
The planning that precedes each job is performed through a careful study of the product, and the result of close interaction with the customer.
Next, we proceed with a feasibility study, technical computations, evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, scheduling of machine availability, and construction of new dies.



The company is supplied only by major companies with high quality standards. All material is certified and tested for durability and suitability.


Deep Drawing

The drawing process allows us to produce three dimensional components with excellent depth : section ratios, starting with a flat plan. They then undergo edging procedures to finish the part. The company mainly operates in the automotive, healthcare heating, household appliance, household, and gardening fields.

Warehousing and shipping

The availability of the finished product can satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. The average time for production and shipping is between eight and sixteen working hours. Shipments are entrusted to a courier, who can fulfil all distribution needs of our customers in very short time-scales.

Pressing and bending

The company has a stamping department with hydraulic and mechanical presses of various sizes, as well as controlled bending machines. 


Wood and aluminium machining

Our mobile milling workstation is one of the newest machines in our company. Thanks to the use of the digital system, with its fibre-optic data transmission, our work can be done with even greater speed and precision. The unit can handle five profile faces for aluminium, PVC, and wood, with bars up to a length of 3270 mm, with up to 6540 mm possible by modifying the work cycle.


Our production flexibility allows us to meet the needs of customers requiring packaging in specific quantities, or with custom labels.